Post Construction Cleaning Services

Tasks list:


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We usually do Post Construction Cleaning Services in 3 main stages:


Stage 1: Rough Cleaning

We begin implementing this stage right after the framing and plumbing. The stage includes removal of large debris, trash, and stickers, and sweeping out as well. It is a preparatory stage for incoming painting, flooring, fixtures, etc.


Stage 2: Preparatory Cleaning

It includes a thorough up-to-down cleaning of kitchen and bath. Our staff washes sinks, tubs, showers, cabinets, and countertops. Besides, this stage also provides for the detailed tidying up of baseboards, light fixtures, door frames, window ledges, interior windows, mirrors. Moreover, our cleaners vacuum and mop the floor as well.


Stage 3: Final Cleaning

Till this moment all main cleaning works should be completed. Our workers have swept the premises, have vacuumed the carpets, have mopped the floors and have taken the remaining dust and small debris.