Declutter, Clean What do these words mean to you? For centuries, the definition of what it means for a space to be clean has fluctuated. What’s acceptable to you might not be acceptable to someone else.

Would you think a space that is visually clean, yet has an odor, to be clean or dirty? And what about professionals? Can they agree on a proper definition of what it is to be clean?

What Does “Clean” Even Mean?

The great debate is that there is no one definition of clean that is accepted by everyone in the house cleaning industry. In the dictionary, it is defined as removing any visible dirt or debris from a surface.

But even if something is visibly clean does not make it clean. In the end, cleaning is defined as a system, process, or procedure that removes all visible and invisible soil and also helps to protect human health.

In terms of the word ‘clean,’ again, there is no universally accepted definition. For some, the removal of visual debris is all it would take for some surfaces to be considered clean. For others, there is a major focus on removing the unseen bacteria that lurks on the surface.

The use of measurement technologies in janitorial services has risen and is quite effective at achieving results. These meters measure the number of debris particles and bacteria on any surface. This includes high-traffic areas and objects like door handles, floors, toilets, dispensers, and desktop computers.

By using these measuring devices, you will know the amount of biological debris found on a surface in under a minute. This makes the use of these tools an ideal part of any cleaning program. And, by using these devices, it is now possible to establish a quantifiable standard of hygiene that all professional cleaners can follow that defines when a surface is truly clean in different areas throughout an establishment.

In years past, house cleaners have lived by the motto “you can’t please everybody,” but this can no longer be the case.

Today, cleaning professionals have a direct impact on public health or whether or not a facility or building is healthy instead of just “clean.”

Importance of Cleaning In the COVID-19 Era

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You can do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 by cleaning your home and making sure that you take extra steps when someone in your household becomes sick.

Aside from wearing a mask and social distancing, you can also clean and disinfect your living environment. While you are doing so, you should also be using disposable gloves during your cleaning routine.

The CDC recommends that you clean any dirty surfaces using soap and water first, and then go back and use disinfectant on top of that.

If someone in your household becomes sick, then you should keep a separate bedroom and bathroom for the person sick if you can.

Use The Proper Declutter and Cleaning Materials

If you are using chemical disinfectants, then be sure to read and follow all instructions on the label. Be sure to only use them in a well-ventilated area and always wear personal protective gear like gloves and possibly goggles.

If you cannot get a hold of household disinfectants, you can also use a bleach solution which can be used for non-porous surfaces. These will be effective against the coronavirus once properly diluted. Always follow the directions on the bleach bottle for preparing a diluted bleach solution.

Never mix household bleach (or any other disinfectants) with other disinfectants or cleaners. This can release vapors that can be very dangerous to breathe in. Always mix a new bleach solution for each cleaning, as it will not be as effective after being mixed with water for over 24 hours.

For soft or porous surfaces like rugs, drapes or carpet, you should clean using soap and water or with cleaners that are appropriate for use on these types of surfaces. If possible, launder these items using the warmest appropriate setting and then dry the items completely. Once complete, vacuum the items as usual.

For electronics like phones, tablets, touch screens, keyboards, or remote controls, consider getting a wipeable cover on them which can make cleaning easier. Many products that are used for cleaning electronics contain alcohol because it dries out quickly and does not damage the device.

Hand Hygiene is Important As Well!

Clean your hands often and always follow regular preventative actions while at work, at home, and going out in public. This includes washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

It is important to wash your hands after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not accessible, then you can use hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol. However, if your hands are visibly dirty hand sanitizer will not help clean them off.

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