Gift cards for Cleaning service is not something you would find every here and then. The countdown to the Holiday Season has begun. It is the time of the year when you are busy planning gifts for your loved ones. And talk of gifts and you’d want to gift something unique and one that your loved one would remember for a long time.

We all know it is never easy to find something in today’s world that the intended recipient might not already have. From chocolates to books and gadgets to cakes and flowers, you’d surely tried everything under the sun in the preceding years. Why not opt for something unique that your loved ones are unlikely to forget for a long time?

At Cleany we understand this desire amongst people to gift something unique and memorable to their loved ones and we offer you exactly that. Buy the Cleany Gift Card and gift your loved one deep cleaning and decluttering services along with your love and affection. This is the most unique gifting idea that you can think of and is perfect for someone who has everything.

Wanna Try it out?

This Gift Card would serve as a real surprise for them and save them from the physical efforts that go into keeping the house clean and decluttered.

When you give a Cleany Gift Card to your loved ones, you are not merely gifting them a clean house but a whole new experience. As a professional cleaning company, we understand how any gift is laced with your emotions and feelings and offer the best quality cleaning services to your loved ones. Our experienced and courteous team always walks the extra mile to make the experience memorable for that special person in your life.

How Does Gift cards for cleaning service works?

 We have devised the easiest way to gift a Cleaning Service to your loved ones. You need to fill the simple form with your name and email id and those of the recipient and select the amount you’d pay for the cleaning job. There is a message box in the form that lets you write down personal messages for your loved one. Complete the payment and the Gift Card along with the personal message is delivered to their email immediately.

Your loved one would be able to redeem the Gift Card by contacting our team once they receive it. They have the freedom to schedule the house cleaning job at their convenience. It is as easy as it sounds as we are committed to making the experience hassle-free.

Great Gift for the Elderly and Everyone!


If you are undecided on what to gift your mom, dad, uncle, or aunt this holiday season or on their next birthday a house cleaning service would be hard to beat. As people age, they also lose their ability to perform the daily chores of cleaning as they did at their prime.

Most seniors rely on professional cleaners to declutter and clean their house, and a cleaning service would be the best gift you can ever give them. Just imagine the smile on their faces when they see a professional cleaning team do the hard chores at their home.

This gift isn’t just meant for the elderly but is also a perfect one for someone who has a busy professional schedule. If you have someone recovering from illness or injury, they would appreciate such a gift in such trying times. In case your loved one is lazybones, they won’t be able to thank you enough for gifting this service! Irrespective of the person you are planning to gift, cleaning service would be liked by everyone.

Why Gift the Cleany Gift Card?

House cleaning service isn’t the first thing that is likely to strike your mind when you are thinking about gifting your loved ones. House cleaning gift cards aren’t new, and they have been there for a while. While most of us tend to think of tangible gifts when it comes to special occasions, the idea of gifting something that recipients cherish is picking up.

Our experience at Cleany shows that recipients love being gifted with house cleaning services and more than the usual box of chocolates and flowers. If you are still looking for reasons to gift one to your loved ones, here are some that’d surely convince you.

Nobody hates a clean house

You are unlikely to have come across someone who doesn’t like to have a clean house. While some manage to keep their houses spick and span and work hard for it, others live in a cluttered space due to a lack of time or passion to clean their house. By gifting your loved one cleaning services you are gifting them a better lifestyle.

Everyone aspires for a clean house

Buying gifts always puts you into a dilemma. Would it be the right gift for him/her? Do they really need it? You would have no such worries when you buy our Gift Card. Everyone aspires for a clean house and this gift isn’t likely to be irrelevant for anyone.

You are gifting them ‘time’

House cleaning takes time and depending on the size of the house, lifestyle, and cleaning regime your loved ones can spend hours or days cleaning the house. This also takes away time out of their lives that could have gone into travel or pursuing their hobbies. When you buy our services, you are gifting ‘time’ along with a clean house. Can anything else beat that?

These Cards can be used as per convenience

House cleaning is all about convenience and in most cases, people like to schedule it as per based on their schedule. When you are gifting this service to your loved ones, they can schedule a cleaning job based on their convenience.

You don’t need any more convincing, do you? Just fill up the form and Buy a Gift Card for your loved one today and they would surely remember this memorable gift for years to come.  Gift them a clean home and let their lives sparkle.