How Much Does a Deep House Cleaning Cost


The cost of a deep house cleaning varies based on factors like property size, required level of cleanliness, and additional services. For small apartments/studios, expect $100-$200, medium homes with 2-3 bedrooms around $200-$400, and larger homes with 4+ bedrooms at $400-$800 or more. Additional tasks such as window and appliance cleaning may be included. Carpet cleaning is $25-$75 per room, upholstery cleaning is $50-$100 per piece, and air duct cleaning is $300-$500. Hardwood floor cleaning costs $0.75-$1.50 per sq ft. Research different companies, look for deals, and prioritize high-traffic areas to budget effectively. Professional cleaners are equipped to handle these tasks efficiently, offering tailored services that ensure every aspect of your home is thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction. Understanding these factors and seeking quotes from professional cleaners can provide a deeper understanding of the overall costs.

Factors Influencing Deep Cleaning Costs

Factors influencing the cost of deep house cleaning services include:

  • The property size.
  • The level of cleanliness required.
  • The specific areas or items that need special attention.

The size of the property is an essential factor, as larger homes generally require more time and resources to clean thoroughly. A bigger house means more rooms, more surfaces, and potentially more clutter to address. The level of cleanliness required also plays a significant role. The cost will likely be higher if a property has not been cleaned for an extended period or if specific deep cleaning tasks are needed, such as removing built-up grime or mold.

Additionally, certain areas or items, such as upholstery, carpets, or appliances, may demand special attention. Cleaning these items thoroughly and using specialized techniques or products can impact the overall cost of the deep house cleaning service. Communicating your specific needs and expectations to the cleaning service provider is vital to ensure an accurate cost estimate.

Average Cost Breakdown by Home Size

The cost breakdown for deep house cleaning services varies greatly depending on the size of the home being serviced. Deep cleaning services may cost between $100 to $200 for a small apartment or studio. This includes cleaning the floors, dusting, and sanitizing the bathroom and kitchen areas. For a medium-sized home, which generally consists of two to three bedrooms, the cost can range from $200 to $400. Additional tasks such as cleaning interior windows, scrubbing baseboards, and cleaning out appliances like the refrigerator and oven may be included in these cases.

For larger homes with four or more bedrooms, deep cleaning services can cost anywhere from $400 to $800 or more. These homes often have multiple bathrooms, larger living spaces, and sometimes additional rooms like a den or home office that require thorough cleaning. The pricing may also vary based on the homeowner’s specific requirements and the cleaning company’s pricing structure.

Additional Services and Their Costs

Various supplementary cleaning services can be requested in addition to standard deep house cleaning, each with its associated costs. One standard additional service is carpet cleaning, which typically costs between $25 to $75 per room, depending on the size and condition of the carpet. Upholstery cleaning is another popular choice, with prices ranging from $50 to $100 per piece of furniture. If your home has pets, consider adding pet stain and odor removal services, costing around $25 to $50 per stain. For homeowners looking to address allergens and improve air quality, air duct cleaning is an option, priced at approximately $300 to $500 for a standard cleaning. Window cleaning is also available as an add-on service, averaging between $2 to $7 per window pane. 

Additionally, hardwood floor cleaning and polishing services can be included for an extra cost of around $0.75 to $1.50 per square foot for those interested in maintaining their hardwood floors.

Tips for Budgeting and Saving on Deep Cleaning

When aiming to effectively manage your finances while investing in deep cleaning services for your home, implementing strategic budgeting techniques can help optimize savings. Start by researching different cleaning companies to compare prices and services offered. Companies may offer package deals or discounts for first-time customers, which can reduce costs. Moreover, consider the areas in your home that require deep cleaning and prioritize them based on urgency. 

Focusing on high-traffic areas or rooms that need the most attention allows you to tailor the cleaning service to fit your budget. Another tip is to declutter your home before the cleaning service arrives. Removing excess items makes cleaning more efficient and lowers the overall cost. 

Finally, consider scheduling deep cleanings during off-peak seasons, when cleaning companies may offer promotions or discounted rates to attract more customers. By being proactive and strategic in your approach to budgeting for deep cleaning services, you can achieve a sparkling home without breaking the bank.

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