Move Out Cleaning Service is what you need If you are planning to move out and have experienced the whole exercise in the past, you would know how stressful it can be. Among the tons of planning and to-do list you have, move out cleaning tends to be the most important when it comes to moving to a new home.

Whether you have come to the end of the lease agreement or planning to sell your property, you ought to leave it behind in a tip-top condition for the incoming occupants. Move out cleaning is usually a part of the contract between the property owner and renters these days. Defaulting on the contract agreement may result in losing your security deposit.

Move Out Cleaning Service is for Professionals

Though everyone knows the importance of move-out cleaning, homeowners and renters make the cardinal sin of keeping this to the last minute. This entire process requires careful planning and flawless execution, and it is important for you to get started days in advance.

Though you may not hate the idea of getting your hands dirty, move out cleaning is not child’s play. It requires skills and expertise and is best left to a professional move out cleaning service provider. They bring in all the equipment and cleaning supplies and complete the task in a meticulously planned and timebound manner.

Though hiring a professional cleaning company does ensure you of thorough cleaning you can’t get your hands completely off the job by merely engaging a contractor. You must discuss the needs of the project with them and ensure that everything mentioned in your rental agreement is met during the cleaning process.

The obligation is on you to meet the terms and conditions of the agreement with your landlord. Here are some of the things that should be included in your move out cleaning service.

Remove Your Personal Belongings

This is the first step in any move out cleaning job and one that people fail to plan as this isn’t always mentioned in the rent agreement! All your personal property including furniture, appliances, and art has to be carefully removed and moved out of the property. You need to work with the company closely with the cleaning company you hire for the task to prevent any damages to these items and ensure they are packed well to be moved to a new location.

Bedrooms & Living Space Cleaning

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These are the most used spaces in your home and ones that gather dust and other debris. A professional cleaning company brings in expertise and the right tools for this kind of cleaning job. They would thoroughly clean these areas of your home. Carpets and rugs need to be vacuumed to get rid of the dust, animal hair, etc.

The windows and baseboards need to be cleaned and the light switches must be wiped down and disinfected given the kind of health concerns we have in the present times. They will also dust the entire space removing any cobwebs and emptying all the trash.

Kitchen Cleaning

No other area of your home gathers as much dirt, grease, and debris as the kitchen. It is constantly exposed to moisture and oils and hence requires maximum attention. The move out cleaning service that hires for the job needs to clean the countertops, backsplash, sinks, and all the fixtures.

You must make sure that the cabinets and drawers are emptied and cleaned thoroughly. Other areas that need attention include the stovetop, oven, refrigerators, and dishwasher, apart from the windows and doors. All the appliances must be wiped and disinfected. Apart from this they also need to sweep and mop the hard surface floors.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Bathrooms

Along with the kitchen, this is the most crucial area of operation for a cleaning company when they come for the job. The showers and the bathtubs need to be cleaned to get rid of any spots and marks and disinfected to remove the microorganisms. The toilet should be cleaned of any toilet rings using the best bowl cleaner.

The cleaners would need to polish all the mirrors and get rid of fingerprints and smudges. The vanity and other storage units have to be emptied and all dust and debris removed. Bathroom fans gather dust, and they should be cleaned thoroughly along with vents and windows. Professional cleaners should finish the job by mopping the floor.

Disposal of Trash

It goes without saying that every move out cleaning results in a lot of trash being extracted from all over your home. From dust and debris to items that you no longer need and would like to get rid of. All this stuff has to be properly disposed of following the law of the land.

You should take a keen interest in how the trash would be disposed of and make sure there is no violation during all the process. If there are hazardous materials in your trash, you must discuss their disposal with the cleaning company beforehand.

Don’t Forget Small Repairs

small repairs

Though this isn’t part of the actual cleaning job, most rent agreements make it mandatory to carry out the small repairs and replacements at the end of the job. Some move out cleaning companies also help you with this process or else you will need to hire a handyman for the job.

This would include jobs such as applying putty in the walls where you had put nails to display your art or repairing or replacing the electrical fittings. The idea here is to leave the home in a state that you had found when you took the lease or if you are selling the property, it should be in livable condition for the new occupant.

To sum up, you must ensure that the move out cleaning service provider does offer these services that will ensure you meet your obligations under the agreement. You shouldn’t see move out cleaning as a mere contract obligation. It is a societal duty where you leave behind the property in a state that you found it in or would like your new home to be in.

Summary: Move Out Cleaning Service

In this write-up, we look at things that should be part of the move out cleaning service and how you should plan the job with the cleaning company.