As someone who is running an Airbnb property, How to Clean your Airbnb Apartment is one of the most vital questions to be asked. It is better if you’d be aware of the importance of cleanliness. Studies show that 92% of customers consult reviews before making a purchase decision. Cleanliness directly translates into positive customer reviews and increased occupancy. Keeping your Airbnb apartment spic-and-span is something you can never skip or afford to skim on. All the time and money that goes towards this helps you earn the trust and loyalty of your guests.

Airbnb super hosts always talk about the importance of cleanliness and how to approach cleaning an apartment before welcoming a new guest. It is a process that you can perfect over time and rise on the value chain. Let us take you through basic cleaning tips that would go a long way in keeping your property in shape and improving your ratings.

Clean Your Airbnb Apartment-Prepare a checklist first

This may should obvious, but the fact is many Airbnb hosts do not have a checklist! While you can clean the property thoroughly without having a checklist, having one helps you save time and leaves nothing to chance. Make sure you have regular, weekly, and monthly cleaning activities listed on the checklist. This checklist would help you organize the whole cleaning process and not miss out on any of the tasks.

Start by Ventilating the Property

It doesn’t take much to open all the windows, but it is the best starting point for cleaning your Airbnb apartment. From fragrant perfumes to lingering cigarette odor, your guests leave a lot behind along with their good wishes. By ventilating the apartment, you will get rid of all the smell and legacy of your earlier occupant. This also will help in killing microbial germs that pose health risks for your guests.

Vacuum the Property Thoroughly

Dust can settle anywhere on the property and more so during the dry months of the year. Hence, you need to thoroughly vacuum the property once a guest leaves. This can be a tedious task, especially in large properties, but it is important to remove the smallest particles from every nook and corner. You must focus on the furniture and spaces that your guests have access to. Adopt a top-down where you clean the highest parts of the walls, windows, and furniture and gradually come down finishing with the floor.

Spray Mops do the Magic

Have you heard about spray mops? They are the best friends of any Airbnb host. These not only let you deep clean the floor but can save hours every week when compared to traditional mops. These mops have a special spray nozzle that sprays water or a mix of water and cleaning solutions straight onto the surface. You can save yourself from squeezing and carrying buckets of water while cleaning the apartment.

Combine White Linen and Dark Towels

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The best way to keep things clean at your property is to reduce the stress of cleaning. The choice of linen and towels is important here. Talk of bed sheets and everything else on the bed and you should have no second thoughts about choosing white. They are the easiest to clean with stain removers and bleach. White linen has been a favorite in the hospitality and travel industry, and you shouldn’t think twice about going for white. As far as the towels are concerned go for dark colors. We suggest this as from lipstick to mascara and food stains, your guests are always likely to reach for the towel!

Kitchen Needs Attention to Detail

The kitchen is often the toughest place to clean in a property as it attracts maximum dirt, stains, oils, and moisture. Hence, cleaning the kitchen thoroughly must be one of your top priorities. Spot every stain, food debris, and the sign of oils in the kitchen and clean them with an all-purpose cleaning supply. Make sure that the fridge is cleared of all leftover food the earlier guest may have left behind. Put some tea bags to remove the bad odor or place some charcoal and baking soda in a corner of the fridge that does an equally good job. Pay equal attention to the toasters, microwave, and coffee machine.

Never Ignore the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathrooms also require special attention, and they have to be cleaned and sanitized before you welcome a new guest. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies for bathroom cleaning and pay special attention to the bathtub, toilet seat, mirrors, and glasses. Remove all finger stains and soap scum

Use Good Old Vinegar to Descaling

You will need to descale your appliances, bathroom faucets, and other areas that attract stains and see hard water build-up. You can spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning supplies, but your good gold vinegar does the job. For bathroom faucets and showerheads apply vinegar and use a soft toothbrush to descale and wash it away by pouring hot water over it. For appliances such as your dishwasher and coffee maker make rub vinegar gently using a soft cloth every few weeks and you will bring them back to their pristine shape.

Use Lint Roller for Rugs and Upholstery

As an Airbnb host, you can’t afford to let your guests spot dust or hair in your rugs and upholstery. Though you may be vacuuming these regularly it doesn’t always get rid of human hair and other sticky debris. As experienced hosts would tell you a lint roller does a wonderful job in removing not just lint from the rugs and upholstery but all those particles that the average vacuum cleaner does not grab. Lint rollers are inexpensive and all you need is a few extra minutes after vacuuming to bring rugs, furniture, and linens back to their best shape.

Do these tasks sound overwhelming? Well, they are but as a good host, you will need to get your hands dirty to offer your guests a clean and hygienic environment during their stay. If you’re pressed for time, hiring a professional team for the job would be the right thing to do. We specialize in Airbnb cleaning service and have been catering to small and large properties in their endeavor to serve their guests with a spic-and-span property.

Book our services and always keep your property guest-ready.

Conclusion: Clean Your Airbnb Apartment

In this write-up, we look at a few tips that would help you clean your Airbnb apartment and welcome guests to a spic-and-span property.