How to clean your home effectively?

How To Clean Your Home Effectively?

How to clean your home effectively? One question that we all fail to answer most of the time.

We only feel the need to clean the house when necessary. Instead, we must be focused on cleaning the house whenever we get a chance, right? It isn’t easy to handle daily cleaning duties in a fast-paced, chaotic life. 

The simplest way to tackle this matter is to clean the house properly every week or once or twice a month. You will have a tidy-looking house until the next cleaning session. 

All this might sound quite simple to you, but if you do not have a plan on How to clean your home effectively, then it will take extra effort and time to get the job done. Also, if you feel lethargic and tired after hearing the word “effective house cleaning,” then add on a few extra days. 

This article will find some simple but effective house cleaning techniques that will help you finish your work quickly. So, let us further explore these tips on cleaning a house.

Keep your Cleaning Tools Handy

Before even thinking of How to clean your home effectively or cleaning your house, make sure you have all the necessary products handy. It gets annoying when you are all set to clean your house, and as soon as you open the cupboard, you find that some products are missing.

Keep all these products in a bucket or use any basket and place them all in one area. If there are large containers or cleaners, pour them into a small spray bottle or any other normal bottle to safely carry them all-around your house. 

Cleaning Map

Don’t start cleaning a room by wiping the table or dusting your bed. Instead, you should start by cleaning things like your fan and blinds so that dust can come down on the bed or floor. The next thing is to clean your top surfaces like bed, tables, etc. In the end, it is the turn of floors to be either vacuumed or mopped.  Cleaning or dusting the blinds or fan at the end can lead to dust falling off the clean bed or floors.

The best way to avoid double work is to start from the top of a room, like starting with the ceiling fan and working down to the flooring. Similarly, cleaning from left to right ensures that you cover the whole space rather than just moving from one area. In addition, cleaning in this way will prevent the dust and debris from coating the areas you recently cleaned.

How to clean house quickly and efficiently

Experts recommend that cleaning the entire house in a single session is better than cleaning just one room. Most people prefer room-by-room cleaning, known as zone cleaning. For example, dusting and mopping just one room for three hours and then moving to the next room. But unfortunately, it will only make your work tedious, and you won’t be able to clean your whole house. 

Rather one should first clean the house and then move on to the next task, for example, mopping. By doing this, you won’t feel tired or bored by doing the same task repeatedly in each room, and this how to clean your home effectively without any extra effort.

Arrange the area

Some unwanted things spread all across rooms or kitchens that only add to your work. So, before you begin vacuuming or mopping your floors, it will be better to collect all these things like toys, books, shoes, slippers, etc.

After this, you will have plenty of space to clean properly, and you will save yourself from picking each thing up as you are cleaning. 

This is how you could complete your quest on how to clean your home effectively.

Start with the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen and bathrooms are called the wet areas of the house. They are not easy to clean as the dirt gathered there gets easily stuck due to moisture, especially in the panels of kitchen windows and drawers. So, when thinking of how to clean a home, start with the kitchen or bathroom. Take a clean cloth and clean up the easily removable dirt. 

Then use some good quality cleaner and pour it all across the bathrooms and kitchen floors, shelves, drawers, dishwasher, microwave, etc. Until the cleaner gets soaked up, you can clean some other room. Come back to your kitchen and bathroom after a few minutes and remove the cleaner. The difference will surely leave you shocked. 

Make your living room shine again:

When it comes to cleaning the drawing-room, extra effort is required as this room is equipped with heavy and delicate furniture like a sofa, coffee table, etc. You might be running your vacuum across your sofa to remove the dust particles now and then. But have you thought about shampooing your sofa? 

You can use a mild shampoo according to your sofa’s material to give it a deep cleaning session. For example, if you have a leather sofa, using a specific leather conditioner designed just for leather materials will make your sofa look shiny again. 

Make Sure to clean your cleaning equipment.

Cleaning a house is not just restricted to cleaning just your rooms, kitchen, living area, etc. It would be best to get free of all the dirt collected on your cleaning tools and types of equipment, such as cleaning cloth, wiper, dusters, etc. With this, you will have filth-free tools for your next home cleaning rendezvous. 

This process will keep any nasty bacteria from growing onto your cleaning supplies. You can also use heavy-duty laundry detergent, chlorine bleach, baking soda, and hot water to remove all the dirt. 

If you can’t address these, then your quest on how to clean your home effectively will be a lost cause before even starting your journey.

Wrapping Up: How to clean your home effectively

Cleaning can be a tough job, and honestly speaking, it is not easy for a single person to cleanse up the entire house all by themself. If you are a perfectionist, this quest on how to clean your home effectively could be a more challenging and tedious task.

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